Winfried Rijssenbeek, Innovations in Renewable Energy

Never a dull moment!

Let me present myself: Winfried Rijssenbeek
  • Versatile expert in renewable energy, specializing in Solar Energy and Biogas Development

  • Creative and out of the box thinking, having promotedsustainable housing in China, making electric carts and vehicles far before the crowd started.

  • Cutting edge: keeping up with latest technical and institutional changes;
  • Organizer and developer, like having been at the set up with the FACT foundation, with ETC energy team, with the Set up of the Global Alliance for Productive Biogas.

  • Counting with huge network of organizations active in renewable energy from international to local (World Bank to the municipality think tank in which I participate), from east to west, north to southand from NGO to GO and Private Sector and Investors.

My personal goal: to contribute to the development of sustainable energy as part of a equitable and green society and economy.

My approach:

  • Practice what you preach.

  • I see knowledge as open source: we cannot hide knowledge that is potentially beneficial for mankind; we should not;

  • Follow Ghandi’s law when you make a hobby of your work, you will never be without a job

My experience:

Renewable energy and innovations for more than 30 years, from international advice,  training,  program management, resource mobilization, to technical due diligence.




"There are Seven Deadly Social Sins (Ghandi):

1. Politics without principle.
2. Wealth without work.
3. Commerce without morality.
4. Pleasure without conscience.
5. Education without character.
6. Science without humility.
7. Worship without sacrifice.”